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Dr. Eger - Olive Oil Aromacosmetics®

The range of products developed by Dr. Eger is based on the concept that cosmetics should be formulated in such a way as to encourage the body itself to manufacture the elements required for healthy skin.

The active ingredients in our cosmetics are purely of plant origin and vegetable based, natural antioxidants, such as vitamin E, with no animal-based additives. 
Olive oil constitutes an important element in our products because of its unique composition. Olive oil absorbs UV radiation and is very efficient in lowering metabolism rate of the body cells.
Essential oils contain the scent of flowers, leaves, stems and bark from which they come. Apart from their pleasing aromas, essential oils are valued equally for their therapeutic properties.
Three very efficient products based on olive oil and essential oils, are offered:

Face treatment moisturizing and nourishing cream for regular to dry skin 
The cream smoothes and softens the skin, and protects it against harmful climate influences. The cream contains a synergistic blend of olive oil and essential oils which eliminate cells oxidation and UV damage and thus slow down cells aging and helping the body to renew skin cells. The essential oils in this cream are: Bitter orange, Camomile, Neroli, Rose & Sandalwood.

Face treatment moisturizing and nourishing cream for dry to very dry skin
A treatment cream with a high proportion of olive oil, especially intended for dry skin. The cream contains a synergistic blend of olive oil and essential oils which nourishes, softens and restores vitality to the dry skin. The essential oils in this cream are: Borage, Camomile, Carrot seed, Jasmine, Rose & Sandal wood.

Body lotion
Dr. Eger's Exclusive multipurpose olive-oil lotion protects, moisturizes and nourishes all kinds of skin. The synergistic blend of olive oil and essential oils smoothes and softens the skin, protecting it against harmful influences of climate, leaving the skin vibrant and radiant.
The essential oils in the body lotion are: Angelica, Francinsense, Jasmine, Neroli.

Olivenöl als Brotaufstrich:
Oliveoil Spread

It would be no exaggeration to state that the western consumer's nutritional habits and diet, constitute among the dominant risk factors for a list of fatal diseases, particularly various forms of cancer and heart diseases...

Something about Oils:
Olive Spread plus Omega-3
If our body systems are to function normally, we must make sure that 30% of the daily calories that we expend, come from a fatty source...


Body- and Scalp-Massage, Psoriasis...

Skin problems and muscle and joint pains are symptoms of sensitivity to chemicals. Such sensitivity develops over the years as a result of continuous exposure to a hostile environment saturated with chemicals...

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Dr. Shaul Eger

  • Lotion Body Lotion 200 ml a € 19,60
  • Massage Oil 100 ml a € 16,00
  • Cream for very dry skin 50 ml a € 20,80
  • Cream for regular skin 50 ml a € 19,90
  • Olive Oil for Scalp Massage 100 ml a € 16,50
  • Dehydrated Skin Oil 100 ml a € 16,50
  • Olive Oil 750 ml a € 15,50
  • Olive Oil Spread 160 g a € 4,65
    (Natur, Basilikum, Oregano, Knoblauch)
  • Olive Oil + Omega 3 Spread 160 g a € 4,95

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